Press releases - Agriculture

30-09-16 Ultra-seal

Krone approves Ultra-Seal for Easy Rider tyres

After extensive testing, Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH has chosen Ultra-Seal as its official tyre sealant liquid supplier for its new Easy Rider tyre series.

A seldom auction of outstanding young horses

For the first time in Denmark, an exceptional collection of young jumpers will be sold at an Internet auction. They are horses with lots of capacity both for show jumping and as sport hunters, and the auction will be held by Campen Auktioner, who also expect to attract

02-11-15 LAUNCH Nordic

10 Innovations That Could Create A Better World Of Materials

IKEA Group, Nike Inc., NASA, Novozymes, Kvadrat, Leading Scientists, Investors, Nordic and U.S. Gov. Representatives will team up in Malmö, Sweden, Nov. 4-5 to support 10 innovators in shaping a more sustainable world of materials.

Acquired a well-known bankrupt estate: Discovered that customers had many valuable machines

A major case of detective work led to about 100 agricultural machines being unearthed from the estate when Jens Almar acquired the bankrupt Scan-Agro last year. The many machines were lent or hired out to customers and were not know to the buyer when he bought the estat

24-04-15 LAUNCH Nordic

Cross sector collaboration aims to revolutionize sustainable materials

NASA, IKEA Group, Novozymes, Nike Inc., Kvadrat, Nordic Government Institutions, leading scientists, designers and materials innovators join the LAUNCH Nordic Summit April 28 in Copenhagen, to shape a better world of materials.

Revolutionizing Technology for the Food Industry

With a newly launched double skinner, which makes it possible to create a new by-product when deep skinning salmon, Uni-Food has, with great success, produced intelligent and fully automatic technological equipment - reducing the need for labour costs.

09-09-14 LAUNCH Nordic

Launch Nordic selects innovators to help revolutionize materials and manufacturing

IKEA Group, Novozymes, Kvadrat, leading scientists, investors and nordic gov. representatives will team up in Malmø to support nine Launch nordic innovators

03-10-13 FCSI ApS

The latest new full-scale trial shows that Active NS can reduce odour and emissions of ammonia from slurry by 23 %

Slurry additive Active NS has just received IPPC approval, as several independent laboratory tests in Europe have demonstrated that the product is capable of reducing ammonia and odour from slurry by 20–25 %In addition to these laboratory tests, full-scale tria

Remote-controlled heat for piglets

The farmer can now sit with his computer or his Smartphone and regulate heating for his piglets out in the pig pens and ensure that the piglets always have the right temperature.Small piglets must have additional heat. This is typically secured by having covered

Electronic scarecrow sounds like a bird of prey

A new electronic scarecrow uses bird alarm calls or the sound of a bird of prey to frighten off uninvited feathered guests.The intelligent scarecrow, AniMan, first registers the calls of the birds in the area and then selects what type of scare call is most effi

The largest irrigation machine in the world has a one thousand metre hose

A new, Danish irrigation machine has no less than one thousand metres of hose. This is the largest irrigator in the world.When the hose is rolled out in the field, irrigation starts and the machine retracts itself by rolling up the hose. This can take up to 40 h

Fair Trade must remember Europe

A Danish producer of Christmas trees, currently represented at the EU expo in Horsens, will use World Fair Trade Day 12 May to bring focus on Europe’s poorest country, Georgia.Most consumers in western countries first and foremost associate Fair Trade with ethi

IBM predictive analytics software helps Marwell Wildlife analyse data to improve conservation measures for Grevy’s zebra

Predictive analytics is playing a key role in the conservation of wildlifeAt the START Summit in London, IBM (NYSE: IBM) 15 Sep 2010 announced how it is working with Marwell Wildlife, a conservation charity, to help secure a future for Grevy’s zebra, an endange

IFU invests in breakthrough Fair Trade initiative in Georgia

International big business, local effect:More than 90% of all Christmas trees sold in Europe are grown from the very best seed which is sourced in the mountain forests of the Ambrolauri region, Georgia. Christmas trees are ‘hot’ – especially when they’re Fair Tr

03-11-09 Targetwire

Irish nursery grows Kubota compact tractor fleet

Nangle & Niesen is a highly successful Irish wholesale nursery specialising in the production of semi-mature trees.On its 100 acre site at Aherla, Co. Cork it grows over 200 varieties of trees which are supplied to discerning customers throughout Ireland.

Hard Working Kubota Agricultural Tractors Are Highly Versatile All-Rounders

Farmers and contractors looking for a tractor to deliver high productivity and low running costs should look no further than the innovative range of agricultural thoroughbreds from Kubota.The latest Kubota M40 Series tractors received the coveted Silver medal in

Leading Publisher Announces Contributions to Wildlife Conservation and Education Programs

International Masters Publishers, Inc., on behalf of Wildlife Explorer, has made a donation to Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary — a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a permanent home to animals that have endured neglect, abuse or other undesirable situations.